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Prescriptions Dispensed from Canada * are Dispensed by:
Pharmacy Manager:
Mohammed Hassan

Pharmacy Address:
202A, 8322-130th Street
Surrey, BC
V3W 8J9
Toll Free:1-866-995-7387

(*Not all prescriptions dispensed by Candrug.)

Generic Non Prescription Pharmacy

Generic non prescription pharmacies provide a convenient, safe and secure way to access the medications required to manage and maintain your health. In today's world, obtaining necessary drugs and medications is not always an easy task as a result of the high cost of medications, particularly brand name medications. Also, many people are affected by busy lifestyles or limited mobility which makes traveling to a pharmacy difficult. An online generic non prescription pharmacy such as Blue Sky Drugs, however, provides a way to avoid all of the above problems.

To begin with, a generic non prescription pharmacy like Blue Sky Drugs offers generic drugs as opposed to brand-name drugs. While generic medications share the same quality and potency as their brand-name equivalents, they are far more affordable and can therefore be accessed by a greater range of patients. In addition, an online generic non prescription pharmacy provides unbeatable convenience by allowing customers to find and purchase the generic medications they require from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Moreover, purchased medications will be safely, conveniently and discreetly delivered directly to the customer's door, eliminating the need to go out about town to locate and purchase medications while at the same time protecting confidentiality. Of course, another benefit of purchasing medications from Blue Sky Drugs' generic pharmacy without prescriptions is the fact that it's unnecessary to forward a prescription during the ordering process.

Many countries allow individuals to import prescription medications as long as the medication is not a controlled substance and will be for personal use only. So for patients who fit those conditions, buying medications from an online generic pharmacy without prescriptions is above board and admissible as well as convenient. While it is always recommended that patients consult with a physician prior to using prescription drugs, purchasing any such drugs from a generic pharmacy without prescriptions is an excellent option for many patients around the world.

So if affordability, accessibility and convenience are all concerns that you have with respect to your medications and health care, consider purchasing your next medications from Blue Sky Drugs' generic pharmacy without prescriptions. As an online generic non prescription pharmacy, Blue Sky Drugs will save you time and money without sacrificing quality, security or privacy.

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