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Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo (Generic name: Ethyinyl Estradiol and Norgestimate) is an oral conceptive that combined two types of female hormones, an estrogen (ethinyl estradiol) and a progestin (norgestimate). They are used to prevent pregnancy and ovulation. It can also be used for treating acne and other purposes. Compared with older birth control pills, Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo offers a highly effective, low-hormone birth control pill with predictable periods and a low occurrence of common side effects like breakthrough bleeding. When taken as directed, it delivers a low dose of hormones that works to prevent you from becoming pregnant. The hormones in Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo also help to regulate your menstrual cycle, so your periods may be easier and more predictable.

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Order Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo birth control pills from a reliable Canadian online pharmacy or one of our international affiliates. BlueSky Drugs has partnered with international affiliated pharmacies all over the word to provide customers with the best selection and great prices. Buy Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo online or call Blue Sky toll free: 1-866-995-7387.

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If you think Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo may be right for you, set up an appointment with your healthcare professional to discuss whether you are a good candidate. Be sure to honestly discuss your health conditions, so your healthcare professional can determine what is the most appropriate for you. Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo is a triphasic birth control pill, which means that there are three different "phases" of pills in each pack, plus the last week of tablets with no active ingredients. Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo comes in a 21 day pack (Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo 21) or a 28 pack (Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo 28). Follow your prescription instructions before taking the pills.

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